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Friends Only.
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Recent events have forced me to now make this journal be completely and entirely friends only. This is everything from my recaps, my lists, my rants, everything. It's not something that I wanted to do but now that I have to, here are some new ground rules for people who want to add me. 
1. If you want to add me, comment on this entry first before doing so, explaining why you would like to add me and name a few things that we have in common. I'm pretty open to new friends on here, especially ones with the same interests as me so please don't hesitate to add me! =]

2. Unless you're somebody I recognize by username (either from BSC Boards or FF), if you have a basically empty userinfo profile (I'm not going to say empty journal because I know some people don't use LJ as an actual journal, like me lol) I will deny you. I have to know at least a little bit about you and your interests before I can add you. With that being said... 
3. I am planning to look through my friends list sometime in the near future and delete people who have added me and haven't even commented on any of my entries and the like. Only exception to this are my LJ friends that I know from BSC Boards and FF =]. Everyone else is going to get deleted. I will be more than happy to add you back if you add me again, but you must give me the info provided above.


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18 June 2009 @ 09:50 pm
Just went looking around on the gossipgirltv community and found out some more interesting things regarding Gossip Girl, having to do with the new schedule and premiere date =].  Here's the snippet of the CW schedule regarding GG.

Monday, Sept. 14
8 pm One Tree Hill
9 pm Gossip Girl

First off, I'm so motherfuckingly happy that the CW finally got some brains and decided to premiere Gossip Girl at the right time of year; in mid-September when other networks start their shows.  This is probably the best decision that this network has ever made (and no I don't think I'm exaggerating lol).  This is because of these reasons.

1. A later (aka NORMAL) premiere time = less hiatuses.  No more 4-5 weeks of reruns because we have to play catch up with other shows.  Sure we'll still probably have the occasional 2-week break and Christmas hiatus (of course, and other holidays too) but no more hiatuses for unnecessary reasons, I <3 it! =]

2. I'm hoping that this change will also bring us some well-written and thought out episodes and storylines now that there's some more time before the premiere (I always thought August was too early to premiere this show).  Maybe that's wishful thinking idk lol but they can make their storylines more thorough (sp) and not so rushed and can film everything right for the premiere and the episodes to come.  I definitely want to see better quality storylines/episodes for season 3 =].

I'm also liking the time slot change.  I still miss GG's old timeslot from season one (On Wednesdays at 9/8 for me) and if we can't have it on Wednesdays, at least we can have the old timeslot back on Mondays =].

That's all I have to report.  I'll write soon! =]
You know you love me, xoxo,

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Before I go on to reveal what news I have managed to scrounge up regarding season 3 of Gossip Girl (quite miniscule but enough to piss me off) I did take into consideration that this could be mere speculation and not something to really get worked up over.  However, this just goes to show that these writers are already going back to their season 2 OMFG fucked up ways and filming hasn't even begun yet!  Follow the cut if you want to be spoiled... 


Minor season three spoiler from SpoilerTV, make of it what you will.Collapse )


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27 May 2009 @ 08:33 pm
Hello all!  It's that wonderful time of the year again, summer time!  (well for anyone already done with high school and college, the rest of you might have another week or so to go)  And if you were around my LJ last summer, you would remember that I made up a list of goals to accomplish that summer and crossed them off as I completed them with that lovely strikethrough tool.  Well, I decided to do it again this year, and one of them is to actually remember to cross off all of my completed goals unlike last year lol.  Been off of school since May 7th and I have now until August 31st to actually complete all of these goals.  I hope to accomplish them all.  Here's my list =]...

Sweet, sweet, summertime =]Collapse )
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So despite my sadness about the epic fail reunion that was NV in tonight's Gossip Girl finale, The Good-bye Gossip Girl, I found that this episode had its awesome points and with the exception of a few things, this finale really couldn't have ended any better =].  People, the trainwreck that was season 2 of this show is now over and I will now do my last recap of the year =]...

Because everywhere I went... you caught up with me. I love you too <3Collapse )
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12 May 2009 @ 08:13 pm
Okay, this recap is going to be short because not much really went on in the flashbacks or prom to really give this episode a proper recap so I'm basically just going to give an overview of what my thoughts were on both plotlines.  Although this episode was uneventful, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with the Young Lily flashbacks/spinoff attempt.  They were actually... good.  And it's been a while since anything on this show has been good so that's saying a lot :).

The Flashback scenes
- Plot: Not much really.  It just introduced us to Young Lily and her struggles with getting along with her mom, keeping in touch with her dad who isn't around much and just being rebellious.  Like mother, like daughter I guess is what it was trying to portray.  Oh and she's also on a mission to find her equally rebellious sister Carol.
- I had no idea that CeCe was a hot blond bombshell in her younger days lol.
- Owen was hot <3.  Keith VDW, Lily's future hubby, was not.  He looked, idk... not hot lol.
- Even though I love Brittany Snow, her shy and quiet sounding voice with cute face made it hard for me to see her as Lily the rebel.  I still like her though :).  She played Kate in the movie John Tucker Must Die (ironically, Penn was also in this movie), which is still one of my favorite chick flicks.  I watch it now just so I can laugh at Penn's moppy hairdo lol.
- Loved the whole 80s California vibe.  That means that I liked everything from the music, the hairdos, the cars and to the clothes, especially the clothes.  When Lily was trying on all of Carol's clothes in that one scene I was laughing so hard because every single one of those outfits were ones that Claudia Kishi wore or probably wore throughout the whole BSC series lmao.  Especially the outfit that Lily tried on with the yellow baggy t-shirt and pink leggings with the headband and the one she ends up wearing, that minidress with the little black cardigan. I could totally see Claudia wearing those and looking good doing it :).

- Plot: Dan bails Serena out of jail (bringing a dress from Jenny's closet so she can change into it) and they go to prom together as friends.  Blair and Nate's seemingly perfect night at the prom gets ruined when Blair finds out that the dry cleaners ruined her dress, there were problems with getting the corsage and the after-prom hotel room.  Turned out that Chuck did all of that to make Blair's night special.  He was the one who had gotten Blair's backup dress and the one who had given Serena a key to a penthouse suite at the Plaza to give to Blair, it was really romantic <3.  But Blair never finds out that he was behind all of that.
- Blair and Nate win prom king and queen.  (this is another thing that Chuck did; voted for Blair 150 times so that she could beat out Nelly Yuki for the title and win).  GG wonders if Blair is actually standing up there with the wrong guy and I can't agree more with her.  At least someone said it!
- Nate and Blair break up.  It was kind of chopped to bits because there was a flashback and then all of a sudden they were dancing and breaking up (why must they always break up couples while they're slow dancing?).  I thought it was nice though; it gave them the closure that was needed with them and I love that Nate was the one to get dumped for once.  Maybe this will be a wake-up call for him, although I seriously doubt it lol.
- Blair and Serena have a touching scene where they talk about how they've been through so much throughout their lives.  Serena and Lily mend fences as well as Lily and CeCe.

Well that's all for tonight!  I'll be back next week with the finale recap, my last recap until fall.
You know you love me, xoxo,
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Okay guys, since I wasn't able to recap GG's last new episode I decided to add in a mini-overview of it as well as my full recap for last night's episode The Wrath of Con.  I know you all have seen the ep already but this is for my own sanity here lol.
A little overview of what went on last time...
- Serena's boy toy Gabriel turns out to be a creepy con artist who screws everyone over money-wise, including the naive Brooklyn-ite Rufus.
- Nate is lame as usual.  He gets an apartment and wants Blair to move in it with him so they can be together next year in college (and to keep her away from Chuck).
- Chuck/Blair spend the majority of the episode together and spying on Gabriel.  There's also some misconception to where Serena actually met Gabriel so they go to the one person with answers.  Georgina.
- CB spend the night in his limo outside of Georgie's reform camp (remember, I don't like calling Georgina by her full name because she was Georgie in the books) and pretty themselves up before going to see her.  Blair says, "I can't believe I'm going to meet my worst enemy with Nancy Pelosi hair," lol.
- Georgie turns out to be a bible-thumping reformed baptist, like those people that come to your door on Saturdays and ask if you've been saved (no offense to any baptists reading this, I swear).

Okay, get the crazy lady out of the room!Collapse )
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Hey guys! =]  If you've been reading my last journal entry, then you know that my computer was pretty much useless for the entire week last week and was forced to do all my computer work on my dad's basement computer.  Well after days of screwing around with anti-virus programs, making recovery CD's and working in Safe Mode, today at 2:00 pm my computer (which I named Frida, don't ask why lol) is now functioning again like nothing ever happened.  All my dad and I had to do was do a system restore, which imo, should've been done first, and my dad agreed with me, but he thought that we could fix it by finding viruses first.  Anyway, now we have Internet Explorer 8 on our computer (which I'm starting to like) and our AVG Anti-Virus program is now working again, with updates!  (it wasn't updating for days before the computer "died", something that I will take more seriously in the future) And our desktop has icons on it again and not wiping out completely like it was before the computer died.  I still have all of my pictures, documents and music backed up on my dad's external hard-drive, which is great because it is like insurance if this ever happens again.

So this means I'm back to being holed up in my room and working on the computer and it feels great.  I missed being in my chair on my computer and I'm looking forward to spending my nights here again.  This means of course that I will be recapping the next new GG episode, The Wrath of Con, on Tuesday, with a little mini-recap/overview of the previous episode because I never gave it a full recap and I want to snark on it slightly before moving onto this recap.

Well that's all for now guys!  I'll post again on Tuesday! =]
You know you love me, xoxo,
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29 April 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Hello people!  I just thought I would give you an update on what's been going on with me for the last couple of days...

I'm sorry I never posted a recap for GG's last new episode, Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  I had a good recap ready to write yesterday but on Monday night about 11:00 my whole computer crashed.  It was totally unexpected; the internet had froze and when I finally closed out of it, every time I tried to go back onto internet explorer, it would never come up.  I kept clicking on the icon for it and after a few seconds of "thinking" it stopped and it would never fully load.  I then shut the computer off and turned it back on again only to find that it kept restarting itself but never going back to the desktop and I knew it just had to be dead =[.

But then yesterday night my dad had gotten it to work again (btw, I'm not talking about a laptop; I don't have one, just a regular PC in my bedroom, an HP) by putting up a Windows XP startup disk (our OS) and it ran a disk check and bam!  everything came back, including all the crap on my hard drive that hadn't yet been backed up to our external hard drive (oops).  We used this reprieve to back up all of our documents and pictures onto the external drive so now we're protected if this happens again in the future.

Fast forward to today, while our computer is working it's essentially useless because it keeps doing the same thing with the internet that it had done on Monday.  It would work but if you did so much as minimize your internet window, it would freeze, you have to close out and then IE would never load again.  It would think for like two seconds and then not do anything =[.

So now I'm pretty much content with the fact that my computer is going to die soon, my dad's running AVG on it right now to see if we have any viruses that it may have missed and we're probably going to either reinstall XP totally or get a new hard drive or both, idk what's wrong with it.  Or we're getting a new computer, again idk.  I know this entry makes no sense but I just wanted to let you all know where I've been for the last few days.  I'm actually on my dad's computer in the basement so I will be able to access all my sites from down here, I'm just not planning to write a GG recap this week, unless by some miracle my computer starts working again or something.  To all of my forum friends I'll be back on later tomorrow sometime.  And of course I will keep you all updated on my computer progress =].  For now I'm just going to use this computer and keep things as normal as possible and just take it one day at a time.

I'm going to head to bed now.  I hope you all have a good night! =]
You know you love me, xoxo,
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Well after a temporary two-week hiatus, Gossip Girl returned last night with the episode Seder Anything.  Thankfully this is GG's last hiatus, with only four episodes remaining in the season and this episode did not disappoint, unlike the last two freakshow episodes.  Onto the recap!
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